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Tanzania (May 2019)




During International Week all the children in school focussed their learning around the country of Tanzania in Africa. They learned where to find Tanzania in the world.


A parent came to talk to the children in assembly about her safari holiday and showed them lots of photos of different animals. She informed them about schools and the different environment there. Lions, rhinos and warthogs are just a few of the animals the children were excited to find out more about.


In Year 1 the children created some of their own Tanzanian artwork. They have also learned how to count to 10 in Tanzanian.


In Reception the children made postcards and pretended they were travelling in a jeep and using their binoculars to see the animals. They worked really hard and carefully to create their own collage of the Tanzanian flag.


In Year 2 the children wrote a story about the animals, as onlookers travelling in a jeep. Tanzanian music was created with instruments. Many facts were researched and shared.