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Events Week - Day 5

Events Week concludes with activities from Science Day. Exciting scientific things were happening throughout school as the children once again worked together in mixed age groups.


In Foxes classroom the children were experimenting with water in glass jars and bottles to learn about sound. By gently tapping the bottles with drum sticks with ever decreasing amounts of water inside they learned that the sound made changed. Thus music was made in Foxes class.


In Woodpeckers classroom the children were learning about the parts of plants and created their own plant structure with vegetables; a vegetable plant!


In Hedgehogs classroom the children were pushing and pulling cars to learn about forces. When they pushed the cars hard they moved differently to when they pushed gently. They learned a little bit about friction and that different surfaces also made a difference to how their cars moved. They discovered that by pushing a car in a certain way, that it might change direction.


In Owls classroom the children were learning about the human body and drawing and labelling some of the parts of the human body on their diagrams.


In Squirrels classroom the children were looking to see which objects sink and which ones float in water. They explored properties of different materials.


In Badgers classroom the children were learning about healthy eating and then used this knowledge to create collages of healthy eating plates of food.