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Having achieved the British Council International Award, we ensure we continually focus on different countries and cultures throughout the academic year.

Each term the children learn about a new country. These are our International Weeks. They begin by sharing what they already know and suggest things that they might like to find out about the country. They learn about culture, the weather, food, clothes, animals and plants, buildings, customs and lots more. Sometimes parents or guests come in to school to share their particular knowledge about the country.




During our International Weeks the children will make different things and do artwork illustrating some of the things that they have been learning about. Much of this artwork is displayed in our Open Studios art gallery.
Picture 1 African masks
Picture 2 Australian didgeridos and echidnas
Picture 3 The River Congo
Picture 4 Greek urns
Picture 5 Indian elephants
Picture 6 Indian Printing
Picture 7 Our awards
Picture 8 Mehndi hand patterns
Picture 9 Peacock the National bird of India
Picture 10 The Congo Jungle
Picture 11 African lion and masks
Picture 12 Caribbean sealife wax resist pictures
Picture 13 Italy 'Floating Worlds'
Picture 14 Winter Olympics in Canada