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Dubai Week (June 2017)

The children's learning during International Week was focused on Dubai. At the beginning of the week the children shared what they already know about Dubai and then based their learning and activities throughout the week on Dubai.

Some of the things that the children in Woodpeckers class learned is that 

  • they have pink taxis,
  • Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates,
  • you can see the Palm Jumeirah from space (a man made island in the shape of a palm tree),
  • they have the worlds biggest water fountain,
  • they speak Arabic,
  • Dubai has a metro and
  • the biggest building is Burj Khalifa.



International Cafe

During lessons in the kitchen classroom this week, the children made cuisine from different countries which were then sampled by all the children at an International Cafe in the canteen. Parents were invited to taste these too.

International Cafe

International Cafe  1
International Cafe  2
International Cafe  3
International Cafe  4
International Cafe  5
International Cafe  6
International Cafe  7