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Spring Term 2016

Welcome to the Spring Term 2016 in Squirrels Class

Our topic this term starts with 'Winter Wonderland'. We will be learning about the Arctic, including the Inuit people and Arctic animals - polar bears, penguins and seals. We will also be learning through 'Frozen' where we will be thinking about snow and ice and designing our own Frozen characters!

Our role play area is an igloo where we will explore how people live inside an igloo. We will be reading books, including 'Lost and Found' and 'An Amazing Snowman', aswell as non-fiction books about the Arctic.

As we move into the second half of the term our topic moves onto dinosaurs where we will become 'Dinosaur Explorers'! We will be finding out all about dinosaurs including the different types, where they lived and will even have a look at some dinosaur fossils!

Our role play area will become a 'Dinosaur Explorer's Cave' to explore our theme further. Books we will read will include 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs', 'Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus' and non-fiction books for researching dinosaurs.    

We will be cooking in our kitchen classroom throughout the term, starting with winter wonderland snacks including ice lollies and penguin biscuits. We will then move onto cook dinosaur snacks, including cheesy fossils and dinosaur pastries.  

We will also be involved in a range of different learning activities in our 'International Week' where we will be learning about Japan and our 'Events Week' where each day will be focussed on a specific subject of learning with different activities to explore! As well as learning about Easter as we move into March.

We look forward to sharing our work with you as we add photos of our learning through the Spring Term 

We have PE every Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child has their full PE kit (named) kept in school as these will be needed in order for your child to participate in all activities.

Our cooking day is Monday. Please ensure your child has a named container with a lid in school on a Monday so that they can take their tasty treats home.

Please read with your child at least three times a week and record this in their reading record.
Please practice the sounds we have learned with your child, these are in your child's sound book, as well as encouraging them to read their words from their reading records. These will be updated as new sounds are learned.

Thank you.