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Welcome to Owls Class!


In Owls' Class our topic for the Summer Term is ‘Let's Go On A Super Safari!"

The children will be learning about a variety of different habitats in Africa as well as learning about different African plants, animals and birds and how these compare to UK wildlife.

We will investigate the different types of habitats and how animals have adapted to suit the conditions of each. We will also look at the history of exploration, in particular journeys to Africa in the past and present.

Owls Class will also learn about explorers and naturalists such as John Hanning-Speke, Charles Darwin, Richard Francis Burton and Sir David Attenborough. We will find out why it is important to care for the animals, birds and plants on our planet and what we can do to help endangered species. In our music lessons we compose our own music to suit different African habitats such as deserts, rainforests and mountains.

As well as our topic Owls Class will complete a variety of different learning activities during our International and Challenge themed weeks. We  began the Summer Term with an International Week focusing on the city of Rio. For our Challenge Week at the end of term we will be planning our own safari adventure.

We will be bringing our African adventure to life with a trip to Africa Alive on Wednesday 8th June 2016.

Homework will continue to be set every Thursday and will include an activity linked to our 'Big Talk' and 'Big Write' focus for the week. Please take some time to talk with your child about their learning as this will really help them to get the most out of their Big Writing session on Friday morning. Please speak to Miss Farrow if you need clarification or help with any homework tasks.

PE days in Owls Class are Mondays and Tuesdays. Please make sure your child has their full PE kit in school as these will be needed in order for your child to participate in all activities. For health and safety reasons we ask that children do not wear earrings to school on these days or that children are able to remove their plain studs independently before the lesson begins.

Our Cooking day is Thursday. If your child has a named container with a lid in school they will be able to bring home their tasty treats. With some cooking activities it may be that the children's handiwork is eaten in school on the day for their snack.

Our class DB page will be updated every Friday with information about the learning we have covered during the week, including photographs in the gallery as appropriate. Please encourage your child to check the DB page and leave a friendly comment on the blog.
We look forward to sharing our learning with you as the term progresses and we add photos of our work to our class DB gallery.
Picture 1 Scotland Week
Picture 2 Comic Relief
Picture 3 Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
Picture 4 Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
Picture 5 Big Writing
Picture 6 Golden Rules
Picture 7 Clay poppies
Picture 8 Multi-Skills Festival
Picture 9 Turn Back Time
Picture 10 Working hard
Picture 11 Being Safe
Picture 12 Circle time