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Welcome to Owls class!

In Owls' Class our topic for the Autumn term 2013, is ‘Aye Aye Captain.’
We will be learning about famous pirates such as Captain Cook and Henry Morgan. We will learn about exploring the seas as a pirate.
We will learn about life on board a pirate's ship, their daily life and the food they ate.
We look forward to creating maps of the world and completing treasure hunts in our school grounds.
We will learn about the different animals and environments that a pirate may have come across whilst exploring the world.
We look forward to sharing our learning, as we add photos of our work to our class page.
Picture 1 Autumn Term 2012; Electricity
Picture 2 Autumn Term 2012; Electricity in the home
Picture 3 Spring Term 2013; Investigating materials
Picture 4 Spring Term 2013; Stone Soup
Picture 5 Summer Term 2013; Queen Victoria