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Welcome to Year 2 and Hedgehogs class.


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Welcome to the Autumn term in Hedgehogs class.


Our Autumn term topic is called "The Time Traveller"


Our topic "The Time Traveller" will be all about travelling back in time and exploring the Victorian era. We will find out what life was like, how people lived, what jobs they did and investigate some of the life changing inventions that happened during that time.

We will explore the work of many famous Victorians including William Morris, Joseph Lister and David Livingston . We will learn about the British Empire and explore some of the countries that were once part of it.

Our cookery lessons will be inspired by recipes from the Victorian era, P.E lessons  will focus on some of the games children used to play and in Music we will learn some of the traditional rhymes and songs from the Victorian era.

A culmination of our work will be a Residential trip where we will learn about a traditional Victorian Christmas.





Each Thursday, children will receive Big Talk and math’s homework in addition to their spellings to learn. These are sent home on a Thursday and expected back in school by the following Tuesday. Spellings will be given out weekly and children will be tested individually. Children will read at least twice a week at school but we ask that children are heard reading at home three times a week and reading diaries are signed for each time. This will help your child to receive their reading sticker and to gain a prize!


If you have any queries in regards to this homework, please don't hesitate to speak to Mrs Howes.  



We have PE every Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure that your child's PE kit is kept in school so that they have access to their PE kit at all times. Please ensure all ear rings are taken out.

Please also ensure that your child has spare clothing in their bags in case of any toilet accidents. These should be kept in school.




We do cooking on a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has a labelled container in school each week so that they can take home their delicious food.