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Belleplates Club



Belleplates is a lunchtime club running on Fridays. One of our classroom assistants volunteers her time to teach belleplates.

Children have the opportunity to play the belleplates in a dedicated team. Belleplates are hand held percussion instruments, broadly similar to hand bells. Children stand in a line, and have one or two belleplates each. All the belleplates are different, covering a range of one and a half octaves.

The belleplate team perform annually at the Norfolk County Music Festival, often in a beautifully ornate church in the city. They watch other children performing and have in the past been fortunate to see original 400 year old hand bells being played too. An amazing sound! An adjudicator gives all the performers  useful comments and praise, sometimes playing rhythm games with the entire audience.


Interest is often high to join the Belleplate Team so the Year 2 children tend to have preference from September to the Music Festival, followed by Year 1 up to the Summer holidays.